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Sensor readings are updated every 5 seconds
A blank entry means that sensor is not hooked up for the chamber / location

Sensor Readings
ChamberTypeTemperatureHumidityLight LevelLightsHAF FanAir ConditionerHeater
ApoIntermediate   ONONOFFOFF
BruneiLowland69.6F77.4% ONONOFFOFF
Crocker RangeIntermediate Highland77.6F99.0%68ONONONOFF
KalimantanIntermediate Highland77.6F99.0%68ONONONOFF
KerangasLowland   ONONOFFOFF
Marai ParaiUltra-Highland61.0F51.1% ONONONOFF
PasianIntermediate   ONONOFFOFF
Pig HillHighland58.0F99.0%25ONONONOFF
SabahLowland   ONONOFFOFF
SarawakLowland69.6F77.4% ONONOFFOFF
TambuyukonUltra-Highland61.0F51.1% ONONONOFF

Device Reporting
Device #Device TypeLast ReportElapsed Time
1610PRO-XRRelay Controller2011-11-27-
698308 port analog sensor device2009-12-05-
706228 port analog sensor device2009-12-05-